Together, we can diagnose and understand the system and opportunities for change, as well as surface and clarify the principles that underpin your models and undertake principles-based evaluations. Specifically, our skilled consultants can help you:
   • Develop and clarify our clients’  theory of change and theory of action with stakeholders
   • Design strategies and initiatives
   • Prepare project implementation plan (PIM) 
   • Embed developmental evaluation services across the innovation cycle, and help our clients to evaluate and learn from their innovations in real-time
   • Help clarify our clients principles and conduct principle-based program/project designing and evaluation
   • Design program/project monitoring system including developing indicators, and logframe and results framework  
   • Build readiness and capability to move from program delivery to systems change

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We work to contribute to social development, environmentally friendly economic growth, and to improved well-being to the rural and urban communities.


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