We collaborate with your team in conducting targeted and tailored action research to produce technical reports and policy briefs of key findings. We designing, and conducting research with sophisticated database structures and systems that can effectively and efficiently support data collection and analysis. We have a technical knowledge of conducting empirical studies in the field of macro-and micro-economics, environmental economics, policy analysis, market analysis, social network analysis (SNA), economic network analysis (ENA), policy network analysis (PNA), cost-benefit analysis, assets and natural resources valuation, and environmental impact assessment (EIA). We provide our clients in the following aspects of a research project:
   • Develop computer assisted, web-based, and paper-based data collection instruments, conduct pre-tests undertake data collection, data  management and data analysis 
   • Design, develop and maintain various databases using SPSS, SAS or STATA, Geographic Information System (GIS) and remote sensing includes establishment of relational databases and systems programming
   • Perform quality assurance and integration of multiple data streams for research studies
   • Conduct statistical analyses using standard and advanced statistical techniques
   • Prepare program/project completion reports, and program/project progress reports 
   • Provide research support functions such as contribute to research study design including methodology and analysis for grant proposals
   •  Conduct or support monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV)  to contribute to carbon trading and REDD+ emission reduction   

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We work to contribute to social development, environmentally friendly economic growth, and to improved well-being to the rural and urban communities.


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